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The Bright Millennial promotes financial literacy to Filipinos, especially to the young professionals.

TBM shares and provides tips and solutions on how to manage and protect your wealth.

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Bright Millennials is a Facebook community founded by The Bright Millennial, where young professionals can freely discuss matters about personal finance, investments, and insurance.



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The Bright Millennial?

Purpose Driven

Being purpose-driven gives us the ability to maximize our passion and serve with unlimited energy. As part of our mission to serve other people, we carefully do it with a “purpose” to help, improve and touch lives.

Trust and Commitment

In a financial advisor and client relationship, trust and commitment are very important. The Bright Millennial Team believes that success is based on trust and to nurture it, a 100% commitment is required.

Reliable and Diverse

Our team of financial advisors at brings you a wide array of reliable and professional help in any given industry. Our proven track record of reliability makes us unique in the insurance industry.

Featured Bright Millennial

Chano believes that investing in yourself is the most valuable asset you could ever have which he aims to guide people to be a brighter individual when in comes to investing in Stocks/Mutual Fund/Insurance thru Portfolio Management and Risk Management.


Jason is a Financial Advisor, volunteer teacher and a fitness trainer. If you choose him as an advisor, rest assured that all your needs will be catered because helping, teaching and coaching people are part of his DNA.


Are you a Millennial?

  • Curious about personal finance
  • You want to be financially literate
  • Build your future through Investments
  • Protect yourself and love ones through insurance?

Open for Metro Manila and Calabarzon Area only.


  • Purposeful and meaningful work
  • Professional and personal development
  • Time flexibility
  • Have coaches and mentors
  • Financially rewarding

Purpose Driven, Goal Oriented, Self Motivated,
Hungry for Learning, Excellent

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Open for Metro Manila and Calabarzon Area only.


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Did you know that only 24% of millennials are considered financially literate, but only 27% of them seek professional help? Most of them are chronically stressed about money due to lack of planning.