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The Bright Millennial (TBM) is a social network brand which aims to promote financial literacy, especially to the young Filipino community. TBM was founded by Garett Maralit and Anne Payuan last August 2017, when they realized that they can leverage the power of social media to help improve financial education in the country.

TBM shares tips about personal finances mainly through infographics and photo blogs in different online platforms. With almost 200,000 followers to date, The Bright Millennial is one of the largest Financial Literacy-themed Facebook pages in the country, reaching and educating millions of Filipinos.


A Chemical Engineer turned Financial Advisor who promotes financial literacy especially to young Filipino adults. Garett is also interested in the field of Data Science where one can make insightful and intelligent decisions through data analysis. Message Garett for a free personal finance consultation!


Awards & Affiliations

  • Financial Advisor and Manager Candidate
  • Registered Financial Planner Graduate
  • Registered Chemical Engineer
  • UP Diliman Alumnus

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Did you know that only 24% of millennials are considered financially literate, but only 27% of them seek professional help? Most of them are chronically stressed about money due to lack of planning.