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Dare to live. Dare to travel.

Who would not want to travel? It's not meant for the rich alone. We all are dying to get out of our cubicle to breathe and enjoy.  When asked, reaction i hear is "oh, it's so expensive!", "gee, i can't afford it". Been able to step in 8 countries and looking...

Stock Market 101

Ano ang stocks? Ang stocks ay simbolo ng pagmamay ari ng isang tao sa kumpanya na nagissue ng stocks. Nagkakaroon ng stock ang isang tao pag nagbigay siya ng bagay na makakatulong sa kumpanya. Bilang kapalit, binibigyan ng stocks ang naginvest, bilang katunayan na...

Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Many millennials tend to reject the idea of getting a life insurance early. Why? Because they think they are too young to avail one. But here are some reasons why it's smart to have yourself insured at a young age. 1. Insurance is cheaper NOW and more likely to get...

5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest

People would ask, why do we need to invest? Is that really necessary? Well, in order to build wealth, you would want to invest your money. Simply put, investing allows your hard-earned money to earn more money for you. If you pass on investing, you are missing out on...

How to Start Investing

Many millennials would actually want to start investing, but the problem is, majority of them don’t know how to invest or where to even begin. Investing wasn’t taught when we were in school. When we graduate and enter the ‘real world’, we’re in for a rude awakening -...

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The Bright Millennial promotes financial literacy to Filipinos, especially to the young professionals. TBM shares and provides tips and solutions on how to manage and protect your wealth.

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Did you know that only 24% of millennials are considered financially literate, but only 27% of them seek professional help? Most of them are chronically stressed about money due to lack of planning.