Who would not want to travel? It’s not meant for the rich alone.

We all are dying to get out of our cubicle to breathe and enjoy.  When asked, reaction i hear is “oh, it’s so expensive!”, “gee, i can’t afford it”.

Been able to step in 8 countries and looking ahead to visit at least 30 more before I hit 50. On every travel, I learned some tips and it helped me save a lot while enjoying.

1. Book your own flight.

I was disappointed at first to know that airfare is so expensive until I discovered that I can book my own! Now that everybody has access to the internet, it’s not impossible. It will save you more or less Php1,000.00 booking fee. Besides, you can actually see a lot of choices, and get the best dates!

2. Watch out for the seat sales

What can be more exciting than to get a bargain! I advise you register and be a member of the air carrier site. You will be notified of the sales and as a member, you get to be prioritized. Those sales are best booked after 12 midnight when half of the population waiting for the sale are asleep. Good luck!

3. Pack some biscuit.

One reason why we travel is food. However, there will be times that you will experience long flight delays, a lot of walking, and so warm temperature. Having biscuits with you will save you from eye popping prices at airport terminals and worst, if you happen not to like the food being served.

There was this time in Vietnam where I ordered “red rice with beef”. As a rice eater, I was so excited to taste Vietnam red rice. And when my bowl was served, it was noodles mixed with uncooked vegetables and topped with some slices of beef with a sweetened vinegar! I had to order a different one.

4. Register on Online Hotel Booking.

Did you know that the more you book online and share it with your friends, you can avail discounts and earn points that you can be used to pay for your hotel stay? Know you know. It’s great for frequent travelers. I recommend Booking.com.

5. Be insured

This might seem out of place but is one of the most important. It gives you peace of mind and your family security just in case tragedy happens.

Personally, the biggest chunk where I save is in not buying a lot of souvenirs. Our pocket money should not go to souvenirs that we throw in trash after a year or 2. I travel to see places, collect memories and photos and taste food instead of collecting souvenirs.

Contributed by: Vivian Galingan

Vivian is a quality analyst @ Sitel Baguio. She is a licensed Financial Advisor with Sunlife since July 1, 2018.

She love learning, traveling, sharing financial advise and love to encourage people.