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Insurance Planning

Your greatest asset is yourself and you must be protected. Life and your ability to make living is important. Get to know about insurance. We can get started with simple and affordable plans.


Education Fund Planning

We offer advice that can help you fund your child’s education. With a sound investment plan to match your education fund needs, we’ll guide you in choosing the best.

Investment Planning

We help you grow wealth to reach your financial goals through proper investment planning. There are various investment vehicles available and we can match it with your risk appetite.

Small Group Consultations

Our proven system is effective and efficient. We provide business consultations with the right strategy, planning and solid problem solving.

Retirement Planning

Preparing for your retirement is important and you need a plan. You need the right advise to build your retirement fund – you gain peace of mind.

Personal Finance Seminars

We aim to spread financial literacy to Filipinos and TBM provides personal finance seminars to equip the young professionals.

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“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”
Robin S. Sharma


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the bright millennial

“The Bright Millennial page is my go to whenever I need inspiration when it comes to owning my financial future. It’s a no easy step to gain financial freedom, but it is never impossible. Thanks to Garett and the rest of the team here in The Bright Millennial! They make it worth the hard work, time and dedication when I put myself out there to do my job and to fix my finances as well. To every millennial’s bright success!”

Lyza Urbiztondo

Financial Advisor, Sun Life Financial PH

“Very helpful for starters and almost all of the posts from here were very inspiring and engaging.”

Samantha Alaba

“The team behind this page really deserves a standing ovation. Not only that they promote financial awareness, which we Filipinos really lack, but they also are generous enough to work with fellow advisors from different companies to spread the advocacy even further. Congratulations and may God always guide and bless us all. Cheers!”

Norjhun Garingo

Unit Manager, Sun Life Financial PH

“Unique and very creative Page. Contents are very much helpful to millenials who wants to learn about how to handle their finances.”

Donna Gift Ricafrente

Financial Advisor, Sun Life Financial PH

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Did you know that only 24% of millennials are considered financially literate, but only 27% of them seek professional help? Most of them are chronically stressed about money due to lack of planning.